img_20141231_235923Hi! I’m Rese (pronounced: Reese) and these are my Chronicles!

I’m  a curious wanderlust, hopeless epicurean, safety conscious, expert solo world traveler.  So basically, I like to wander, eat, and drink, and I try my best not to die while doing it.

My background and travels have shaped me into the person I am today; each trip is transformational and opens my eyes and heart to the awe-inspiring intricacies of our vast and diverse world…but lots of crazy sh*t happens too and that’s all part of the journey.

By sharing my travel tales, I aim to dispel the largely false perception that the world is a scary and dangerous place and challenge the notion that travel is a luxury, but instead frame travel as an enriching educational experience. The history and soul of place fascinates me. I love to dig deeper, stray from the proverbial beaten path, and write about my collective experience, mishaps, and memories around the world!

Join me on my adventures and get busy planning your own!


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