Massage Time: How Sabye Sabye Grand Spa Changed My Life

It is no secret that massages are the thing to do when in Southeast Asia.  They are cheap, usually decent, and a good way to shake off the walking on uneven terrain.  I have had my share of massages over the past two weeks that in total probably would not even add up to what an hour massage would cost in the US.  But, yesterday, I visited Sabye Sabye Spa in Luang Prabang…and what a totally amazing experience I had!

While having a pedicure there the day before, needing to feel normal for just a little while, I saw the woman next to me getting a foot scrub and a foot massage that looked like it was life-changing.  So, the next day, I made the return trip to Sabye Sabye.

While all massages here typically start with the massage therapist rinsing your feet, this was different.  This woman washed my feet like I was Jesus.  I walked around the next few hours with my arm stretched out, blessing people and trying to turn water in wine.

The foot scrub was divine and got rid of the any stubborn epithelials that might have been trying to hold out.  And the foot massage…(swoons).  Far from the typical Thai massage where a woman on her phone touches you periodically while waiting for an hour to pass, the massage was methodical, strategic, and soul-soothing.

I put some classical music on my Ipod and got lost for 90 minutes as she worked her magic.  The soft ambiance of the open-air place, the warm tea, and professional attentive staff further enhanced the experience.

For 60,000kip, about $8USD, I felt my being melt into chair; the world paused as each accupressure point was activated.  Weeks of tension and soreness I didnt even no was there left my body…ok, this is getting weird but you get the point.  Ahhhh-mazing!  If youre ever in Luang Prabang, check them out.  They are near the far end of the main street.


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