Roar! Visiting Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

Sometimes you just decide to cast fear aside and do things that would make folks wonder if you’ve lost your mind; you know something like getting in the cage with tigers….BIG tigers!

Coming to Thailand, I knew I wanted to visit Tiger Kingdom. I read a lot about it because I did not want to visit a place where the tigers were drugged or chained and they definitely were not here…I mean nothing…no chains…no safety net…no escape plan. Just you and the tigers. INSANE!

Holy snikes this was fun! I decided to see all the tigers from the 3 months old up to the big guys and was glad I did. I also took the option of the professional photographer for the last cage which worked out well since both my cameras had died. I ended up with some stunning photos!

Overall, it was a great experience and quite empowering. I left thinking, ‘wow, if I can fearlessly walk in a cage full of tigers and play with these massively awesome beasts, shouldn’t I be able to approach anything in life with the same confidence? What is my tiger den in life right now? Bring it on!’


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