Chiang Mai Night Bazaar!

I was most excited about visiting Chiang Mai.  From all I’d read, it seemed like a place I would love! It was true!  I feel in love with Chiang Mai’s narrow streets, slower pace, and interesting mashup of people almost instantly.  The city is much more navigable than Bangkok and more modern and active than Ayutthaya.  A significant contributor to its charm, the Night Bazaar is a fascinating display of sounds, smells, flavors of Northern Thailand and its people.

What I learned rather quickly: There isn’t anything you cannot buy on the streets of Chiang Mai.

Hilltribes crafts: check
Yummy Foods: check
Unidentifiable Foods: check
Knock-off EVERYTHING: check
Drugs: check
Sex: check
Shower Massage: check

I am not even sure what a shower massage is but yep, you can find all this and more.  But aside from the ocassional sketchiness, it is quite  the experience.  I started meandering every which way, feasting my eyes on all there is to offer….and then at one point, just feasting, lol. Shhhh….dont tell my trainer.

It is relatively cheap to eat on the streets and despite all the warnings I have read about the dangers of street food, I have found it to be quite safe, clean, and delicious.  In fact, the two bad dining experiences I have had (or avoided in one case) have been in “established” places. The only thing they seemed to have established was a roach problem.  Ill pass on the extra protein and take street food dinner for $3.00, Alex.


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