Treat Yo Self: The St. Regis Bangkok

Seeing that the flight and my onward journey from Bangkok was going to be a long one, I decided to luxe it up a bit on arrival and depature. And…what better place to do that than the St. Regis Bangkok, one of the top 100 hotels in the world!

The hotel is amazing. From the moment I got out the car, the level of service was amazing. The hotel offers 24 hour Butler service to all its guests and the Butlers reach out to you ahead of time to see how they can help prepare for your stay. I planted the seed that I am a huge fan of chocolate, and definitely had the most divine truffles awaiting me in my room! Check-in happens at a private desk while your luggage is delivered to your room. I was immediately greeted with some delicious iced tea and biscotti. Fab! Check out the pics.  Hey, sometimes you’ve just got to treat yo’ self!


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