A Walk in the Park: Visiting Lumphini

I took an epic nap when I got to Bangkok and got settled in my room; the struggle was real.  Needless to say, I woke up around 11pm I was pretty much up for the day at that point. I milled around for a bit mapping out some plans for my onward journey north before heading to the gym. Im pretty sure the gym is bigger than my gym at home. Super swanky with excellent views; I watched the sun rise while doing Turkish get-ups…simple pleasures.

Oh hey, Bangkok!

All rested up and reinvigorated, I ventured out into Bangkok. But first, breakfast in the hotel lobby. I was still getting the conversion rate down so didnt immediately compute that the breakfast buffet was 40 bucks until I was already eating. Damn it. Lol. While it was great, 40 bucks is a bit steep for breakfast…but I made it work. I ate tons of fruit including my new favorite which is a hybrid between an apple and a banana…not sure how that cross-breeding went but it was yummy. Bacon isnt what Thailand does best, but their take on the bloody mary, the Siam Mary, was quite tasty….especially given that I hate tomatoes. I sampled a bit, had some fabulous eggs, sampled some things I couldnt particularly identify and drank some fresh squeezed guava juice that was simply divine. With breakfast done, off I went.

First Stop: Lumphini Park.

The park, about a five minute walk from my hotel, is was built in the 1920s and is a popular place among the locals.  It is a rather large park and houses an elderly center, a tai chi school and several other interesting but simple structures.  A cursory google search revealed that the park is named after the homeplace of Buddha.

I entered the massive park from the east gates and was immediately captivated by the layout.  It was circular….which mean it would be pretty hard for me to get lost.  Score!  There were lots of bikers, walkers, families, and solo folk just enjoying the slow pace and taking it all in.  Every now and then there was a pocket of people, mostly women, praciticing tai chi as a group laughing and showing each other new things.  🙂

I stayed in the park about three hours and saw some pretty interesting things….including lots of large reptiles and cats….lots of cats (had a flashback to my accidental detour in Greece that left me surrounded by about 2 dozen alley cats).

The coolest thing by far was the Sagittarius Memorial.


A giant tortoise shell surrounded by eggs, the statue honors the 120th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Japan and Thailand and marks the 80th birthday of the King of Thailand.  The Sagittarius Memorial gets its name from the shared zodiac sign of the King of Thailand and the Emperor of Japan and is a reminder of “agelessness, the connection of humans and constellations in the universe, and the everlasting relationship between Thailand and Japan.”  Pretty neat.

More pics:


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