Welcome to Bangkok!

Thailand!  We finally touched down and I couldn’t be happier.  All the planning, day-dreaming, and researching and now it was finally happening.  Deplaning was a breeze and no sooner than I got off the plane, the sweat started pouring.  It probably had a lot to do with the fact that I had on a thermal shirt, a t-shirt and a hoodie since I left cold Boston without a jacket…but you know, details.  We all herded ourselves toward immigration and I was glad I didn’t have any luggage to worry about, though the whole non-wheeled carry-on was starting to seem like a bad choice for a short while when I got super hot.

The walking escalators move MUCH faster at BKK than I have seen at any other airport.  When you near the end, this child-like, Chucky-esque voice taunts you and you kind of freak out as the escaltor almost forcefully ejects you.  Walk three feet. Repeat.

The immigration line wasnt bad at all.  Nothing like the mess at either of the London airport or coming back to the US.  And, the Thai are efficient.  Took me may ten minutes to approach the window, take a picture, and get my passport stamped (eeek, first stamp in my new passport) and then I was on my way.  HELLO THAILAND!

I wandering around the airport a bit taking it all end.  Got some dollas! Attempted to get some food but seeing the roach crawling around in display window like it owned the place put a little (read: huge) damper on my appetite.  So….to the taxi I went!



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