The Long Haul Part III: Journey to Southeast Asia

After a few glasses of wine and what seemed like an eternity, I realized only TWO hours had passed. WTF.  When you’re flying a long distance you start telling yourself stuff that doesn’t even make sense.  Anything to make it through.  I legit said to myself “Yay! Only four more hours until its only three hours left”  Um, what?  You take what seems like a two-hour nap only to realize it has only been 10 mins.  Does anyone else feel like this? Insanity.

About six hours into the flight, I looked out the window and realized the sunset was visible.  Beest.Thing.Ever.  It is definitely one of my favorite moments when flying…seeing the horizon all aglow.

There was a point in my life when I judged Galley Groupies.  You know, the people who hang out in the back of the plane during the flight.  I’ve always wondered what the hell they were doing and if the flight attendants were annoyed that people were loitering in their space.  As an aside, I also wonder about people who use the bathroom as soon as they get on planes.  Didnt you just sit at the gate for two hours feet away from life-sized bathrooms? But you’d rather wait until you get on board and use the Barbie-sized facilities? I digress.  Shortly after witnessing the sunset….I confess. I became a Galley Groupie. And….I HAVE REALLY BEEN MISSING OUT!

I ventured to the Galley in the back of the plane under the guises of using the bathroom or grabbing some water in case it ended up being awkward.  It was an all out party.  There were about 10 people on one side and about 6 on the side I was on.  I stood for a second gauging what my next move should be and noticed everyone had a drink in their hand.  My kind of crowd!  I asked the flight attendant in the back for a Heineken and after searching all the carts told me that he think he had just given away the last one.  Bummer.  I looked at the guy in from of me…who was drinking a Heineken and gave him the eye, lol. “The gentleman tells me you took the last Heineken,” I said.  “Ah, sorry mate.  That sucks;  I was going to ask for another one.” Just then, the FA comes at me with a London Ale….says maybe I’ll like it.  I take it and all the guys in the galley are immediately curious.  Ice broken! They all start talking to me…asking how the beer is, how the flight is, etc.  The beer was interesting…but it was cold and well…beer.  The conversation was great though.  Everyone had interesting stories and there was guy who was excited about everything.  He reminded me of the character from Harry Potter (don’t know his name, the one with the glass eye) and insisted the me and Heineken dude know how to say “no ice” in Thai.  He was made us repeat it several times until he was satisfied.  apparently they serve beer with ice in Thailand and he wanted to look out for us.  I love people.

The party went on.  I spent an hour and a half in the galley hanging out and exchanging stories of travel and life with my new buddies.  Meanwhile, the spread got larger and larger.  The flight attendants kept putting out all kinds of snacks, chocolates, and cookies.  And the beer and wine kept coming.  It was like our own little repast.  Then, they brought out some Johnny Walker and Vodka. And the more they put out, the more people drank and chatted.  I repent from all the previous judgment of galley groupies and hereby accept full membership in the club!

After being in the galley, I finally went back to my seat and the rest of flight was long…just long.  I tried to sleep.  Fail. I tried to read. Fail. I tried to teleport into the future. Fail. I happen to catch a glimpse of someones flight screen and crumbled when I saw there was still four hours left.  But, was delighted to see that we were flying over Mt. Everest.  It was dark outside, so I just had to trust and imagine the splendid sight that must have been…..started getting ideas for my next trip.

With two hours left, they turned the lights on for breakfast.  English Breakfast. Oh, joy.  But, I was so hungry, I didn’t care.  I ate it all…and didnt flip my tray over again.  Optimism was seeping in.  I can do this!  I can make it.  I kept telling myself that the rest of the flight.  Sometimes it worked….sometimes I was just ready to pull the emergency lever and take my chances.  Then, finally, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Thailand!”



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