The Long Haul Part I: Journey to Southeast Asia

After months of planning and anticipation,  I am finally on my way to Thailand, the starting point of my SEA tour!  Getting here is no small task though.  After mulling over the right suitcase for months and deciding on a carry-on sans wheels, I finally departed on Sunday going BOS–>LHR–>BKK.

I broke up the flight to keep me from going stir crazy and flew from the East Coast because I am still quite scarred from my last flight out west  and because I love British Airways! You can’t beat their service or their wine…lol.  Preparing to head out was without panic even though I had zero items in my suitcase at 4:00PM, a mere five hours before my plane departed. I had pre-packed though and had been mentally packing for months. So, I decided having coffee with a friend and getting my hair blown out was way more fun than frantically stuffing packing cubes (which are the best things ever, btw).

One of besties dropped me at the airport and after a random document check (flying on a one-way ticket with no checked luggage, I suppose), I was on my way!  I’ve made the BOS–>LHR journey a dozen times No screaming babies or angry old men but there were two women across the aisle who ordered red wine the ENTIRE flight….one after another….with ice!  (blank stare).  Gross.  And then there was turbulence.  The last two hours of the flight was all white knuckles for me…and wine….White knuckles and wine.  Lol.

The landing in London was pretty uneventful, if you forget the 30 mins it took us to get off the plane directly on to the runway and on to busses to enter the airport security checkpoint (after leaving a secure plane, sigh).  Next up, six hour layover!


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